A World of Darkness : Austin

1 step forward, 3 steps back and shadow wolves


With the bomb being neutralized, the party gathers there thoughts and disperse. Rake and Tok realize that the house is just not right and after some searching find a hidden room leading to Hector’s Sanctuary. Amid protest from the group, Tok’s curious nature leads him to enter the Sanctuary. However due to his anachronistic methods, finds everything “quite boring” and uninteresting and promptly leaves. Upon exiting, Tok dismissed Dorian’s scoldings and headed home.
Dorian and Vincente meet up with Hector who was waiting at The Mansion. After some mental manipulation of Hector’s memories, Dorian discovers Roberta was responsible for Hectors loss in memory.
The Mages retired upon returning home.
The following day (6.1.2011) the group performs daily duties as well as research. The Mages look into a Clothos character but comes up short. Tok makes contact with Jack Frost of the Winter Court and after divulging a little bit too much information about Mal Ice, is told to contact Gail who brokered the deal with Kindred. Upon leaving the Frost Tower he is summoned to join the group at the Red Fez. They then locate Roberta thanks to some investigative work by Rake and go to confront her when they are set upon by “Shadowy Wolves”. After brute power and creative use of “powers” the group defeats the wolves and confront Roberta. Roberta claims to have taken some of the Blood Root just once for the mage named Clothos. The group regroups at the Red Fez with each member reflecting on the knowledge not shared.


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