Brindal was first encountered at the Brindal Brothers Carnival grounds southwest of Austin. Kiersat had discovered a flier for the carnival, and she and Michael both recognized a symbol used on the flyer. Kiersat recognized it as a something she had seen during her time with Asher, and Michael recognized it from the Monarch building as the blood rune.

At the carnival they fought with Brindal and his ghouls, until finally Brindal called off the fight, and offered to give them the book he got the symbol from if they left, oh and gave some blood.

The next time Brindal was encountered, was during the fight in the TARL. He was hiding to one side of the door, when the group encountered the Gluttony spirit in the Ridden form of Rufus. Brindal attacked Michael saying, “Asher said you were supposed to be asleep.” Again Brindal got away, melding into the ground in the foyer of the vault.

Finally he was run out of town in the fight in the junkyard.


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