Grey Jake



Jacob is a 25ish looking, short and slender man. Though his build, enthusiasm and frequently bewildered expression make him look young, he has grey, spiky hair. His eyes are a dark brown.

He (currently) wears modest clothing, worn but not tattered. He wears a cross around his neck, next to a flattened penny on a leather cord, and uses a length of chain as a belt. He also carries a trio of red feathers pinned above his breast pocket, as a symbol of his membership in the Court of the South.


The man is a sculpture of glass and metal, becoming less human-looking all the time. The spikes of his hair look shiny as silver, though the tips fade to transparency. Likewise, the iris of his eyes are metallic-copper, and are prone to quick, darting movements.

His skin, when exposed, is smooth and has the color of white, frosted glass. If one was to look closely, one might be able to just see the outlines of organs underneath, going through their (thus far) endless cycles.


Jacob Graham was born July 30th, 1890 in Austin, where his father was a prominent baptist minister. His mother died in childbirth, a fact that he suspected that his father resented.

Jacob’s defining trait when he was young (and perhaps what attracted his keeper’s attention) was an intense childhood curiosity. Many children get into trouble without knowing better, but Jacob seemed to be almost unable to learn life’s lessons from others. Instead, he had to experience everything first hand.

While playing on the scaffolding of a cathedral under construction in the middle of the night, a elfin-looking man pushed him through a stained-glass window and into the hedge.

After being captured by wolf-like riders, Jacob was taken to a huge metal-and-glass castle, there to spend a tenure of unknown length as a servant. He had to steal and lie just to get enough to eat, and was made to perform all sorts of duties including cleaning the glass walls and cooking meals for the master and his guests.

Punishment was often doled out by throwing Jacob through one of the glass walls (which were always repaired by the next day). After some time his escape attempts became less and less frequent, his curiosity constantly unsatisfied. The short-term bursts of melancholy after these episodes earned him the nickname “Grey Jake” from his keeper, perhaps as an attempt to further sour his mood.

Jake’s escape was made possible by the death of one of the master’s ‘acquaintances’ who had arrived by some sort of Windrider that was left in the aviary. The animal, whose contract was then ended, was convinced to help him escape, and Jake was dropped unceremoniously near a door to modern day Austin.

Since his egress from the hedge, Jake has spent most of his time trying to understand this alien world that he has been thrust into. He’s had some help from Dr. Shrink, a local Fairest who has taken on the chore of welcoming new changelings to Austin.

What he needs, he steals, as that is what he remembers. Nonetheless, his childlike curiosity has re-emerged with his newfound freedom. He wants to experience life, and has an instinctive drive to bring hope to others (after all, surely if he points it out, they’ll find the world as wondrous as he does).

One of the things he’s explored since his time back from Arcadia is religion. While he ultimately settled back into Baptist Christianity, he spent time at the holy places of other religions. Included in these explorations was a visit or two to the Fo Guang Shan Hsiang Yun Buddhist temple on 360. Here he met a changeling that took note of his enthusiasm for exploration, and they became acquaintances.

Ultimately, Jake would learn of the Courts of the Four Directions from this friend. Though they have no official power in Austin, Jake resonated strongly with the principles of the Court of the South. After travelling to visit San Francisco (where those Courts do have some sway), he decided to pledge to that Court (though not the freehold). He didn’t stay in San Francisco; it just didn’t have the draw. Austin was where he grew up, and though it looks completely different now, it still has some hold on him.

Fae Mount

A feline hedge creature made possible Jake’s escape from Arcadia. Since their flight, the creature (dubbed Cait Sidhe) has appeared often during Jake’s forays into the hedge.


Like most things springing from Jake’s hands, his hollow takes its theme from his lost memories of childhood.

Grey Jake

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