Jane Stagg


Appears to be mid 20s. Created then dumped. Why? Did not spend too long on the streets before she was picked up. While on the street she tried to imitate others, but the disquiet kicked in and she was eventually involved in an incident that led to her being arrested.

Once committed you met another Promethean, named Heather (Osiris). Taught her about the ways of the Prometheans. Heather was not interested in escape. So she turned to another ‘patient’. They waited till a particularly rainy night, and just as they were escaping, a thunderstorm broke out overhead. The other patient got cold feet, disquiet kicked in, and so she had to be silenced forever.

Goes back to being homeless. Immediate goal is to not be homeless anymore, or at least to not go back to the institution.

Empathy comes from one of her parts was a paramedic, plus the time spent in the institution, studying other homeless types to try and fit in, and aura sight. Medical comes from paramedic. Streets taught her to fight. One of her bodies was an athlete perhaps. Danger sense comes from the time spent on the streets and as a paramedic, plus her sensorium transmutation.

She has residual memories of academics, which allows her to remember things from her past lives. That is also where she picked up some spanish.

She was traveling about austin three other prometheans and they stumbled upon pandorans, who killed all but Jane and one other, and Jane saved the other who has been going around Austin spreading tales about Jane’s prowess.

Jane Stagg

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