Kiersat Pagosa


Seeks Epee de Sang, her sire’s sword.Born

Kiersta Rothstein, in the small German City of Stuttgart on February 8th 1538. At first she had long black hair and deep green eyes. Her father was a drunk and her mother a prostitute. At the age of 12 her father felt the need to make her a woman and raped her, while her mother was with a client. This went on till Kiersta was 14. Then on a mid-summer night, while the moon shined down on them Kiersta killed her father. She ran away the same night and was never seen in Stuttgart for there was a warrant out for her arrest for murder. At 16 she developed the name Kiersat Pagosa to forget her past and start anew. By This time she was out of Germany and in France where she learned French and became a prostitute like her mother.

Six years had passed since the killing of her father. She had left France two years before and traveled with some gypsies for a couple of months after. They had taught her some of their ways, most of which were stealth and pick-pocketing. Now she lived in the streets of Italy, living off stealing from others and taking small assassin jobs. Soon this did not satisfy her taste. She crossed the Adriatic Sea, by stowing away on a trading ship to Greece. By this time she was 24. She didn’t stay long in Greece. She caught a caravan to Serbia. There she got schooling for a little while till she was back to her old ways of being a prostitute to survive.

She stayed in Serbia until she was 26. She had to leave for she was accused of killing over 8 men. Before the trial could be held Kiersat ran to Romania. A bounty was put on her head so she fled to the mountains of Romania where she met the Vampire Asher. He took her in and turned her into his own when she was 27. He taught her Latin, English, Romanian, and many others. He schooled her in Mathematics, Science, Reading, and Writing.

The year was 1707. Kiersat was now 96. Her skin had grown pale and her hair a snow white; her eyes had a beautiful shade of light blue now but looked like cat eyes. Asher told her that she would live a life unknown to man, unable to mingle with the people in the town below. She would have to live a life in the shadows for all eternity. Her youth would never fade as long as she would drink the blood of the innocent, and pure. Never to walk under the sun, never to feel its warmth. Destined to walk under the cold rays of the moon. Eventually Kiersat longed to be with others.

More years passed and she reached the age of 126 and began to forget many things of her past life. She blamed Asher for her forgetfulness. He said it was because she was so weak. She wished he had never changed her, and for the she swore to kill him. He couldn’t just let her walk out with that hanging around. So in order to get rid of her he put her into a sleep so the pain of him killing would not be great. But he could not bring himself to do it. So he hid her high in the mountains where no one could find her.

She slept till 1929, bringing her to the age of 391. A Man by the name of Victor * was traveling the mountain. He brings along with him his son of 16. He goes by the name of Trey *. As they got further up the mountain they discovered Kiersat’s Domain. As Victor was sketching the paintings on the walls, Trey stumbled upon Kiersat. With out knowing it he awoke her. Out of hunger she killed Victor and wounded Trey. Trey pleaded with her, so she took sympathy on him and made him her servant.

When Kiersat awoke from her sleep she couldn’t remember anything. Why she had been put to rest. All she knew was her master Asher did it to her. She vowed to find him and get her memories back. So now she was on a quest to find an item that she knew Asher would want back. Epée de sang, was its name. Asher’s favor sword.

The year was now 1934. Kiersat rests in her home in Russia while Trey does her bidding. It was the dawn of the World War. Kiersat didn’t mind it for it didn’t involve her. But she felt it would be safer to move to Japan, who said they were the strongest. Plus she heard a rumor that the item she was looking for was in Japan. Before she could safely get to Japan, rouges came and bombarded the ship they were to board. Kiersat managed to get away, but Trey didn’t make it.

Once in Japan Kiersat searched high and low for Asher. She remembered that he loved the eastern countries. Spending 3 years in Japan she finally caught wind of Ashers trail. He wasn’t in Japan but in America. It was natural to go to the county that you thought was the strongest when war is upon you. She didn’t hesitate to go to America. She Finally had him. He couldn’t run once the war started. She would finally gain back what’s hers… Her Memories.

America, the land of the free. Though Kiersat didn’t see it that way. Many men getting taken away from their families to fight in a meaningless war. Being in New York, she could feel the presence of all high class vampires. Her search lasted 3 years and brought her to California.

She Found him. The man she had been looking for. The man she blames for ruining her life. He stood with a smirk as she faced him, sword drawn. The battle commences, and doesn’t last long. Kiersat lay on the floor feeling defeated. He stands over her and says these words: “My dear, you will never be strong enough to get what you want. Your life has been a lie. If you wish to kill me so badly the gain the Epee de Sang. And Ill see you in seventy years my love.” Kissing her, she slipped into a sleep which lasted the time Asher had intended.

The Year was now 2010. And Kiersat’s story continues in Austin Texas.

Kiersat Pagosa

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