Michael Colvin


Born in England, moved to the US at a young age. 28 years old. Went to UT. Masters in Archaeology. Michael started as an archaeologist.

Family eventually moved back to England.

Was on a dig in England. There was a cave in that isolated him. Found a lot of arcane information in the cave. Becomes obsessed with finding out what the symbols meant. His magic tool came from that site. An ornate steel dagger, which made no sense. Lost a bit of credibility. Noteriety flaw is with the archaeological societies, and families as well.

Goes through a breakdown. Experiences Awakening. Been awakened for two years. Has spent all his time in research. First job for the Mysterium earned him his Sanctum, which is his Hallow and contains his Library.

After the destruction of the Mysterium Center in the JJ Pickle Center, Michael has dedicated his time and energy to creating and opening a new learning center. He is the coordinator of the Athenaea : Domnain location.

Magical Items:Mysteriorum Libri, Spectacles of True Seeing, The Corpus Mysteriorium.

Familiar name: Artemis

Mysterium friend: Martin Lyndel

Obrimos Member of the Mysterium.

Michael Colvin

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