Paul Medeires


Paul is a wandering mechanic. Earning his living by putting ads in the paper and on Craigslist, Paul works on his clients’ cars in there driveway or parking garages. Born and raised in Boston he is no stranger to violence and over the years picked up a fair amount of boxing skills. Weighing in at 6’4” tall 250 lbs he is more than a match for most opponents. Normally wearing grease stained blue jeans and ratty old band t-shirts accompanied by his long hair and shaggy facial hair and size most people give him a wide berth. Paul spends whatever time he can in the gym working out and honing his boxing skills at Planet Fitness (Anderson). He first met Ken there.

Paul’s first change happened while attempting to fix a clients rusty old beater and having a hard time at it, seeing as the client never took any care of the vehicle. The day had been and gone and night-time was coming fast and the client was becoming impatient, kicking the wheels a few times while Paul was under the car the jacks snapped. Only do to Paul’s outstanding shape and reaction time was he able to scramble out from under the falling rust heap. Outraged at almost being killed and the destruction of countless dollars worth of tools sent Paul over the edge. Next thing he knows Paul wakes up covered in blood and being taken to Whispering Wind by Bloodhound to be trained in the life of a werewolf.

Paul’s locus is located in Walnut Creek Park where he and his pack-mates keep the human and spirit words separate and at peace.

Paul Medeires

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