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  • Grey Jake

    Mask Jacob is a 25ish looking, short and slender man. Though his build, enthusiasm and frequently bewildered expression make him look young, he has grey, spiky hair. His eyes are a dark brown. He (currently) wears modest clothing, worn but not …

  • Anna Everston

    A capable, no nonsense doctor that works at Breckenridge. Anna is a vampire, and only works the night shift. She is quite capable, has a very high humanity, and is very caring. She obviously resents Coleson, but is willing to help any supernatural that …

  • Martin Schnell

    Martin helped Michael Colvin after his awakening, taking him and showing him the ropes and eventually introducing him to the Mysterium. Along with Michael he works at the Texas Archaelogical Research Laboratory (TARL) at the JJ Pickle Research Center. …

  • Wise Wilson

    Wizened Changeling that Mal and Jay purchased from Edgar and Brutus. After a cheating game of chance, Wise Wilson came and butler-ed at the Zilker Park Motley.

  • Rex

    Rex is the leader of the Summer court. Loud and boisterous, he has never met a challenge that his brute strength could not over come.

  • Shrink

    Shrink is a Changeling Psychologist that works with the Austin court. New changelings are often assigned to meet with him to help adjust to returned world. He also provides aid in setting up of identity and readjusting to life.

  • Lawrence

    Lawrence is the Autumn Court's Historian. Owning the Half Price Books on Lamar, he is a great source of information ranging from the local to exotic. Knowledge does not come free, but for a price or a "favor" he usually will help out.

  • Callia Schnell

    Daughter to Martin Schnell. Cailla came seeking Micheal when her father came up missing. Micheal allowed her to reside in his complex and continues to care for her.

  • Carmen

    Carmen is a loyal follower to the Winter Court. When Jack Frost was taken, she quickly stood up as regent to fill the void. Doing it out of a sense of duty rather then ambition, she was more then willingly to relinquish the position once The Winter King …

  • Avery "Avi" Thompson

    The Fae saw in Avi a special talent for capturing beauty in the mid-1960s and acquired him initially as a conversational curiosity. Over time without new things to explore his inspiration dried up and with it the Fae's interest, leading to his use as a …

  • Sebastian Hawthorne

    Sebastian Hawthorne was born in Providence, RI on September 4th, 1966. He was raised by his father, Jonathan Hawthorne, as his mother died during childbirth. Jonathan Hawthorne was a history professor teaching at (insert random college here), and is the …

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