From White Wolf’s Intro to Changeling: The Lost

The protagonists of this modern fairy tale are the changelings, or as they often call themselves, the Lost. Stolen away from their human lives as children or adults, they spent what seemed like years or even centuries in Faerie, chattel to beautiful but inhuman lords and ladies. Fed on faerie food and drink, they gradually became more fae themselves, their bodies shifting slightly to reflect their roles. Some, however, managed to escape. Holding on to their memories of home, they found their way through the winding thorns of the Hedge, the barrier between the mortal world and time-twisted Faerie.

Their return, however, was all too bittersweet. Some came back twenty years after they’d first vanished, even though it had never seemed that long to them in Faerie. Others who had reached adulthood in Arcadia found that they returned only a few hours after their abduction. And almost all found, horribly enough, that they weren’t missed. The Fae had been thorough. Left in the stead of each abducted changeling was a replica, a simulacrum, a thing that looked like him or her — but wasn’t. Now, with inhuman strangers living their lives and nowhere to go, the Lost must find their own way in the world that was stolen from them.

Changelings and Morality

Morality in Changelings is called Clarity. It represents how clear they remember their human side, as opposed to how close to fae they have become.

Clarity Sin Dice to Resist Loss
10 Entering the Hedge, dreamwalking, using magic unneccessarily 5
9 Using tokens or other mystical items. Going a day without human contact. Minor selfish acts. 5
8 Breaking mundane promises or commitments, changing courts, Injury to another (accidental or otherwise) 4
7 Taking psychotropic drugs. Petty Theft (shoplifting) 4
6 Revealing your true form to unensorcelled mortals. Going a week without human contact. Grand Theft (burglary) 3
5 Killing a changeling or fetch. 3
4 Breaking a pledge or oath. Impassioned Crime (manslaughter) 3
3 Actively harming a mortal through dream ravaging. Going a month without human contact. Kidnapping. 2
2 Killing a human. Casual/Callous Crime against supernaturals. (serial murder) 2
1 Spending time in Arcadia. Prolonged or intimate contact with True Fae. Mortal identity destroyed. Heinous Act (mass murder) 2


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