Bewildering Bullet Bag

Mal Ice's ammuniton bag


Bewildering Bullet Bag

Small case worn leather case like a cell phone case that sits on a belt.

Mien:Lemur skin bag with an ornate Celtic cross tooled into it. The tooling marks on the bag still move and shiver as if the flesh was alive.

Effect: Conceals the presence of cold iron. Objects made of cold iron can be stored in the bag up to the changelings Wyrd level. They are concealed to things that can sense cold iron

Drawback: When ever the bag is to be opened, it automatically lets the nearest True Fae creature become aware of it


The Bewildering Bullet Bag was a gift from Jay to Mal Ice before they embarked on a quest to rescue Jack Frost. The bag was ment to suppress the detectable aura that True Fae can detect from Cold Iron.

Bewildering Bullet Bag

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