The Corpus Mysteriorium

Ancient Grimoire of the Mysterium


Ancient grimoire known to the order, copied a hundred times over and of unknown authorship. This grimoire describes one of the Mysterium’s core theses, that magic is itself a living entity, and also contains at least 14 recorded rotes.

Michael Cullvin currently received an actual mystical “true” (magical) copy of of the Corpus Mysteriorium and has began the task of translating and inscribing it. Having a mundane copy of the text since his joining of the Order, he has already began to notice differences and unlock the true secrets of the grimoire written in Atlantean.

Current Number of Succes 50/50

Current Observations

This Grimoire is to be more of a task then initially realized. Having a copy in Latin, I had believed I was familiar with its outline and layout at least. But no. The Corpus Author inscribed its glyphs in several styles, incorporating them into drawings fragments of Hebrew, Sanskrit and High Gothic verse, as well as instances of gibberish and mirror writing. Only fne alterations in the shape of characters, the composition of artwork and the negative space between scribblings reveal the Atlantean characters. Im having to have to start almost completely from scratch researching this item. p. I have been able to decipher the layout of the text. It is divided into 16 sections: one for each Supernal Realm, one for each Arcanum and the one for something called teh Miscellany. Except for the Miscellany, each section begins with a discussion of the Arcanum or Realm as part of a magical “organism,” followed by rotes that represent applications of the theory. The Corpus’s metaphors have far-fung geographical and even temporal origins. One passage likens magicto a stupa: an Asian monument that depicts reality descending from immaterial to solid phenomena. Another section uses Olmec Long Count mathematics to estimate the duration of a “cosmic breath”: a concept from the Hindu religion. p. After the TARL buildings destruction and my deal with the spirit, I dedicated a good amount of time to deciphering and unlocking this text. Finally the other night as I obsessivly inscribed it it just came together. It was like a snap of the fingers. It all made sense to me and after a small pulse of magic resonated from my work I knew I had completed this task…..

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The Corpus Mysteriorium

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